“The best part for me is all the people. What a great group that I am so happy to feel part of. They’re the most inclusive, supportive, positive, real, and coolest people ever. They never make me feel old or weak; I never feel embarrassed and I am always empowered by their camaraderie. Darien is definitely a better place because of Dynamic Athletics.”
Renee Graham, Education Consultant

“All the workouts will physically tax you but some will definitely challenge you more mentally than others. When you conquer those workouts, you find that the confidence gained there will translate into other aspects of your life.”
Dave Troiani, Engineer

“Dynamic Athletics has taken our indoor training to a new level. The emphasis on technique and overall athleticism has turned a group of talented rowers into a group of elite high school athletes.”
Liz Trond, Head Coach | Connecticut Boat Club

“We all know a ton of people that join gyms and never go back. But I can count on one hand the number of people I know that have come into DA and decided it wasn’t for them. There’s a reason for it. The support and encouragement you get from the coaches and fellow members are incredible and will keep you coming back.”
Brian Erdlen, Sales | SportsNet New York

“Being a member of Dynamic Athletics is 100% worth it. If you like to be challenged, if you want to meet goals and if you like to surround yourself with really talented people who are also really fun, Dynamic Athletics is the best. There’s no harm in trying it out.”
Rachel Ramsay, Client Services | Indeed

“Everyone’s advice was always “just try it and you will love it” and it is hard to argue with that.  Bill and his team have created a warm and welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable about starting something new and confident in reaching your potential.  There is going to be some pain and soreness, so make a deal with yourself to get through two weeks – you will never look back.”
Brett Tucker, Investment Analyst