S.P.O.R.T.S. 101

Dynamic Athletic's S.P.O.R.T.S Training provides a unique, flexible, and affordable strength and conditioning program for athletes and teams of all ages.  We don't want you to just make varsity, play in college, or make it to the pros.  We want you to start varsity, be an All American in college, and an All Pro in the pros.  This program focuses on building the key components to take those next steps.


Strength - The foundation of all great athletes is strength which is why our programs are designed to build the most amount strength in the shortest amount of time.


Power - After strength build we teach our athletes how to use it to their advantage by developing power which translates to their sport.


Output - We train our athletes to be able to produce at the end of the game as well as they do in the beginning.


Recovery - At Dynamic we stress the importance of recovery.  We ensure all our athletes know proper ways they can recover in order to enhance their results and performance.


Technique - First and foremost we teach our athletes proper technique for all movements from running mechanics to proper lifting form.  Our athletes are not allowed to progess in weight until they can show they mastered the technique at the current weight.


Speed - The ultimate 'X' factor in all sports.  We ensure our athletes improve upon their speed by teaching them proper running mechanics, building strength, and then implement drills/exercises to help transfer those skills to the field.


To optimize these components, competitive athletes need to supplement their sport specific skills training with off the field specific performance training in the gym. For the best results, athletes need to follow an individualized program geared towards helping them reach their specified goals.


Dynamic trained athletes follow a detailed and structured workout regimen targeted towards improving performance. In addition to the work the athletes put in here we provide recovery tips that will aid athletes in reaching their full athletic potential.